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When I hear Ravel’s “Bolero” I think of two things:

1.) A wonderful afternoon/early evening spent in Barcelona’s Parc Güell with my girlfriend, and

2.) The heist scene at the beginning of Femme Fatale.

Jay-Z And Kanye's Watch The Throne Is 'Ready To Go'

Earlier this month, The Source magazine reported that the album would be dropping July 4. With Independence Day coming in less than a week, those chances are looking as slim as the girl in Calvin Klein pants is. But on Wednesday’s (June 29) episode of “Rap Fix Live,” G.O.O.D. Music artist CyHi the Prynce did give fans a bit of hope.

"They are ready to go. Right now, all the music and everything is done," CyHi told Sway. "But you know my guy — we over here with [Kanye], so ‘Ye is gonna add his last little pizzazz, and it’s going to be ready for you guys soon…You never know what they gonna do and how they gonna put it out. They might put it out yesterday."

I think MTV buried the lede here. The pending release of Jay-Z and Kanye’s collaborative album seems pretty trivial in light of the fact that Hova and Yeezy have apparently mastered time travel!